19 ene. 2010


Mucho de lo mejor que hay en nosotros está intimamente unido a nuestro amor a la familia, que mantiene la medida de nuestra estabilidad porque mide nuestro sentido de la lealtad (Haniel Long).

I met Hayley....

En el episodio nueve de la quinta temporada Criminal Minds nos regala una triste y profunda sorpresa. La historia de amor entre Aaron Hotchner y Haley llega a su fin de una forma inesperada y sangrienta.

Cuando The Reaper hace su nueva aparición y conociendo la obsesión por torturar a Hotch que tiene este tipo, todo puede suceder.. hasta la muerte de alguien muy querido. Hasta la muerte de Haley.

Este episodio muestra como aquella chica de la secundaria que se convirtió en el amor de la vida de Hotch, vive hasta su último momento haciendo lo que mejor sabe hacer: Velando por el bien de los suyos y siendo valiente, enfrentando las cosas como vienen y amando a su marido.

Aunque ellos llevaban ya tiempo separados y con serios problemas conyugales, es importante recalcar que nunca se mencionó nada de segundas relaciones u odios entre ellos.. siempre fueron el uno para el otro.

Este episodio es el mejor de todos sin duda... porque nos acerca una vez más a la vida de nuestro héroe favorito, que ahora si tiene un caso complicado frente asi: Ser padre soltero y mantener a flote su carrera.

Hotch / The Reaper

Qué será de Hotch... Qué hará el equipo de CM con un líder perturbado?? Ya lo veremos...

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Anónimo dijo...

Bueno,me parece que la p´´agina esta muy bien diseñada y tiene información de la serie que es interesante.bien hecho.

Anónimo dijo...

No esta nada mal pero deberias poner mas informacion sobre cada miembro del equipo y no te olvides de meter alguna foto de Jason Gideon

Anónimo dijo...

y por cierto..."Hotch" no esta perturbado!!!

christmas party flyer dijo...

I hate not turn that has taken this series. especially Hayley character death, which you very much, by the way

viziteaza buenos aires dijo...

King of Knight... King of Knight... no, don't think I've ever heard of it. I mean, why would a GM know about the single most popular and widely used fan site by the gaming community?

viziteaza buenos aires

rasfata trupul cu aloe dijo...

Has there ever been any discussion on just giving the cheaters there own server to get them off of are legit servers? It would be alot easier for GM's to monitor new cheats that come out before they happen while possibly keeping cheaters out of are legit ones.

rasfata trupul cu aloe

slabeste band cafea verde dijo...

I saw stun was working on WC server, so does it mean its working on normal servers too? Can we reskill?

slabeste band cafea verde

beach party 2 dijo...

The only person who comes to mind would be our senior GM, Korlash. Try sending a PM his way on whatever forum-related matter you may be curious about. Alternatively, you could always ask one of the forum mods to pass word along to a GM.

beach party 2

Travis Bickle dijo...

soy fanatico de la serie, Reid me encanta y tambien me gustaba mucho Jason Gideon. De lo mejor las citas celebres, en el piloto usaron 4, a partir de ahi lo dejaron en 2, una al principio otra al final. De mis preferidas es una de Oskar Wilde: Elijo a mis amigos por su fisico, a mis relaciones por su personalidad, y a mis enemigos por su inteligencia. Espero que os guste mi blog de cine

produse cadou dijo...

As far as I'm aware, the majority of the server instability at the moment is because of the extended office maintenance. Restarting the servers isn't some effort to try and assuage the instability, it's being done as a result of servers going down.

produse cadou

cosuri cadou dijo...

We all know that. So are you retrospectively noting names and will ban later. Also why do you continue to pretend your a man? Your so evidentently hormonal its transparent. I'd hate to be your boyfriend. Pity that poor guy xD

cosuri cadou

pariu.info dijo...

you are talking alot about tools that is disabled and system isnt working.
1. what kind of tools are down specifically?
2. When will they be up then? i read this topic about month ago and they were down, now still down.
3. Is buying gold for money illegal ?
4. Will there be somekind huge and massive bann-session, since allways when there story about npt etc then you allways reffer to tools what are down and there is nothing to do atm?
5. Who gives green light for banning?


optimizare web dijo...

It's kind of hard to say, to be honest. There are a lot of monsters and items in the game that don't have active quests with them. Currently there are no quests involving Etaroth's scales and I don't know of any that are coming down the pipeline.

optimizare web

cribbble dijo...

And no, I'm not being facetious there. The existence of Knight Cash and KOL's exclusion of the use of G1Credits is entirely due to demands made by the developers.

emails mobiles dijo...

Also, can/will this system also be implemented in chaos? It was one of my favorite parts of the recent game changes, but has become completly unplayable as well.

emails mobiles

optimizare web dijo...

That's certainly odd as it is believed in Olympia that those previously mentioned characters of Olympia do have Iron Earrings and even told by them.
Or are they using some kind of heal cheat and are just saying they posses these earrings?

optimizare web

design logo dijo...

Also, on a serious note... do you think its possible the time it takes to get out of the punishment jail will be increased once the sheriff system is implemented? Yes I know that innocent people have been sent there before, but I'm guessing that once the sheriff patch arrives, it will be MOSTLY filled with cheaters. And if a sheriff has to report the same guy over and over every few hours that could become very tedious for them.

design logo

click dijo...

The GM Wars are a large undertaking and require at least 3 GMs, bare minimum, working together to run the event on a server. Two GMs to control the lead fighters for each nation, and one other GM to make the announcements, control the event itself, and check for cheaters during the battle. Not everyone in an office works the same hours.


costume ieftine dijo...

The reason you don't find any information about that particular topic is because I generally delete all questions about it. How and when servers open is up to the developers, so I have no way of knowing about it until they announce it themselves. If they decide to bring up a new server, we'll be sure to let y'all know about it ahead of time.

costume ieftine

http://www.blugidama.com/ dijo...

And I forgot to save the ID&Password , Is there any chance that you can send me the ID&Password again? or you planning to send it anyway to everyone again or something like that?
Contact Customer Support and be more careful with your information next time.


raw food dijo...

I can put through the request to the developers, but that's about the extent of it. We're still trying to get them to fix the damage output on the first set of towers as part of the whole Nova Town prevention effort. Results pending.

raw food

Ale dijo...

Esta escena es muy triste, pero me encanta Mentes criminales, es una estupenda serie psicológica,cada capítulo es excepcional